Average Cost of CPR Certification in Alexandria

Average Cost of CPR Certification in Alexandria

Properly performed CPR in time can double and even triple the chances of survival. More than 350,000 cardiac arrest cases occur outside of a hospital in the U.S. each year, making CPR training a life-saving skill set.

Learning how to administer CPR properly is a worthwhile venture for everyone, regardless of age and experience in the first responder profession. For that reason, there is a selection of organizations that offer CPR certification in Alexandria.

Though the average cost of CPR certification in Alexandria depends on the organization Virginia residents choose, whether the classes are online or in-person, and what the scope of skills is. Before opting for a particular class, assessing the CPR knowledge level or how much it needs improvement is essential.

Type of Certification

Before diving into the average cost of CPR certification in Alexandria, it is wise to categorize the different types of certification available. There are different categories depending on whether the class offers training in-person or online and whether the training includes basic CPR or CPR and AED.

In-person Certification

This is the most common type of CPR certification available as it yields the best results. It requires Alexandria residents to be physically present on the site, where they can use CPR dummies, rescue dummies, and AED defibrillators to practice their CPR skills.

Since the in-person classes require active participation, the experience is much more immersive and realistic. All of that leads to a more lasting impact of the learned CPR skills so that people who got certified can recall the necessary steps and how to apply them with ease.

Online Certification

Online certification is much better suited to people who have already gone through the CPR certification course once and are looking to get recertified. These classes are completely online, which enables people to learn the materials in-depth at their own pace.

It is a fact that the practical learning aspect is missing from this type of CPR certification. The materials organizations such as the American Red Cross provide are so detailed and well-developed that people participating in these courses will have no issues keeping up with the curriculum.

Hybrid Certification

These hybrid classes combine in-person workshops with online learning. The certification provider of choice delivers all the prerequisite virtual materials, including tests to assess the current level of knowledge. However, that is just one part of the learning experience.

The other part includes the in-person skills session with professional CPR instructors that require participants to apply the theoretical knowledge they gained. This type of CPR certification is best suited to Alexandria residents that do not have the time to visit full in-person courses, as there is typically only one in-person skills session.

Basic CPR

Basic CPR certification includes the 7 steps of one-person CPR, CPR with rescue breaths, hands-only CPR, and even administering CPR alongside another person. The best way to learn the basic CPR procedure and how to apply it properly is with the help of in-person classes.

These classes facilitate a hands-on environment requiring people to test their knowledge with CPR equipment in practical circumstances, with no risk involved. This practical application can help a person react quickly and correctly in the case of a real-life emergency.

CPR With AED Certification

This is a slightly more complex version of CPR certification because it involves an external defibrillator in addition to the basic CPR steps and procedures. An AED scans the heart’s rhythm and, if needed, shocks it to restore it.

AEDs may be medical devices, but they are designed to be simple and accessible to all people, not just medically trained bystanders. This device contains electrode pads, a heart rhythm monitor, and On/Off and Shock buttons. The purpose of the AED certification is to teach people how to properly use this device in situations that require it.

Cost of CPR Certification in Alexandria, Virginia

The average cost of CPR certification in Alexandria depends on several different factors, including the certification provider, the scope of the curriculum, and the type of classes. The wide range of prices starts at $35 and goes up to $350.

Cost of Blended Course CPR Certification

Blended learning CPR curriculums have become increasingly available as they provide the theory portion of the material via computer or smart device. This is the priciest CPR class available, with prices ranging from $79 to $115.

These courses, as provided by the American Red Cross and other similar organizations, typically include Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED skills sessions. Moreover, this certification is valid for 2 years and meets the OSHA workplace requirements.

Cost of In-Person Course CPR Certification

Classroom CPR certification ranges in price from $59 to $80, depending on what the class includes. Certain providers only allow participants to enroll in the classroom course after they complete the online certification course, which is why they are on the cheaper side.

On the other hand, the more expensive in-person courses include Adult and Pediatric First Aid training, CPR training, and AED training, as provided by the American Red Cross. The on-site instructors include the theory part of the coursework just like they do the practical skills aspect, which can help the participants gain a better grasp of each of the CPR steps.

Cost of Group Course CPR Certification

Group CPR certification typically includes courses for companies, universities, and schools which want to ensure that their employees and students are fully trained in CPR. OSHA-mandated regulations require valid CPR certification of employees. The price of these group courses will vary depending on the number of people attending the course and the level of certification.

These courses are slightly cheaper than in-person and blended CPR courses for individuals, so it is much more affordable for a group to apply. Full CPR certificates are valid for 2 years from the date they are issued, and they meet all of the OSHA requirements.

Cost of Online CPR Certification

Online CPR certification, regardless of whether it includes AED certification or not, is the cheapest and most accessible class. The prices range between $35 and $40, depending on the provider in question. For example, the price of the American Red Cross CPR/AED online course that includes Baby First Aid, is set at $37 in Alexandria.

This certificate is valid for 2 years from the moment of issuing but it does not meet the OSHA workplace requirements. If you have gone through the skills session before and this certification is not a workplace requirement, then the online course is a wise choice.

Additional Costs

While the costs of the classes themselves are easy to determine, there are certain additional expenses that participants have to take into account when signing up for a CPR certification. These costs depend on the provider of the course as well as the location if the classes aren’t online.

Materials Costs

Though the necessary materials for CPR training and certification are oftentimes provided by the organization that issues the certification, that is not always the case. Alexandria residents might be required to purchase their own CPR e-books and course materials so that they can partake in the lessons and gain a certificate.

The CPR ebooks may vary in prices, depending on the level of certification the course includes, i.e. whether it includes AED training or not. However, the cost is typically around $15. While this isn’t a particularly large expense, e-books, manuals, and coursework guidelines costs can add up, if the participant is required to purchase them individually,

Transport Costs

As online classes are not recognized by OSHA regulations as valid for CPR certification, most participants have to visit in-person classes and skills sessions. This, in turn, incurs costs for gas, parking, and public transportation.

Final Thoughts

Virginia residents have to consider several different aspects when calculating the average cost of CPR certification in Alexandria. These factors include the certification provider, scope of the certification, validity of certification, and duration of the course. The average prices range from $35 to $115.

While certain CPR certification courses are much cheaper, it is always essential to remember that the quality of the training is paramount. Providers that offer CPR training with no certified instructors offer a much lower value service that could potentially be harmful in emergency situations.

That is why quality CPR courses and certification are always a wise investment, both for individuals and for companies.